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Mercury – Ambient & Cinematic Production Suite


Mercury – Ambient & Cinematic Production Suite is the ultimate bundle for music producers and composers inspired by the vastness of the cosmos. This six-pack sample library contains over 1.8 GB of samples, including Ambient Guitars, Keys, Soundscapes, Pads, Pulses, Drones, Cinematic Drums, Bass, Elemental Foleys, FXs, and Midis, to help you create emotive and cinematic music.




Crafted with care, each sample pack is designed to transport you to a different realm, from dreamy guitars and rich pianos to thrilling soundscapes and otherworldly drones. The Cinematic Drums pack provides thunderous percussion to add drama to any production, while the Elemental Foleys pack includes organic sounds like fire, water, and wind to add texture and depth.

With the Midis pack, you can customize your melodies to suit your style, while the FXs pack provides impacts, risers, and transitions to give your music a dynamic edge.

Mercury – Ambient & Cinematic Production Suite is perfect for producers and composers looking to add a cosmic touch to their music. Whether you’re creating music for film, TV, video games, or your own personal project, this bundle has everything you need to create emotive and cinematic music that takes you on a journey through the cosmos.

19 Ambient Guitar
16 Cinematic Vocals
23 Ambient Keys
33 Cinematic Soundscapes
33 Ambient Pads
17 Cinematic Drones
25 Ambient Pulses
13 Cinematic Drums
20 Elemental Foleys
10 Elemental Bass
36 FXs & Space Sounds
20 Midi (Ambient Keys)

Pack #1

Value: $40

Elevate your music to new heights with Celeste – Cinematic Piano Melodies Sample Pack! Featuring 23 exquisite piano melodies with MIDI files included, this pack is perfect for adding a touch of cinematic magic to your productions. From intimate ballads to epic soundtracks, these ambient and emotive melodies are sure to inspire your creativity. Don’t settle for average – make your music stand out with Celeste!

Pack #2

Value: $40

Experience the otherworldly sounds of Nebula – Ambient Cinematic Guitar Sample Pack, inspired by the cosmos! Featuring 20 mesmerizing guitar loops, this pack is perfect for adding an ethereal and cinematic touch to your music. So why settle for mundane guitar sounds when you can travel to the stars with Nebula – Ambient Cinematic Guitar Sample Pack?

Pack #3

Value: $40

Enter a world of sonic exploration with Andromeda – Cinematic Pads & Soundscapes Sample Pack. With 33 soundscapes and 33 pads, this pack delivers a wide range of evolving and unique sounds that are creatively sound designed. With each sound being unique and different from the other, you’ll have the freedom to create a truly distinctive sound that reflects your artistic vision.

Pack #4

Value: $30

Explore the depths of the cosmos with Polaris – Cinematic Drones and Pulses Sample Pack. Featuring 25 mesmerizing cinematic pulses and 17 atmospheric drones, this pack delivers a space-inspired ambience that is perfect for creating immersive and cinematic soundtracks. Each pulse and drone has been carefully crafted to capture the essence of the cosmos and deliver a high-quality, cinematic sound that will take your music to new heights.

Pack #5

Value: $30

Helios – Cinematic Drum Loops is an essential tool for any music producer, composer, or sound designer looking to add a cinematic and epic flair to their music.  This sample pack features 24 carefully crafted drum loops, each with a unique and powerful sound. These ensemble drum loops are designed to deliver a dramatic and intense sound. The cinematic sound of these loops will bring an instant sense of depth, emotion, and tension to your music

Pack #6

Value: $30

Nova – the ultimate cinematic FX and Foley sample pack features a wide range of sounds, from epic braams and impactful hits to suspenseful risers and unique sci-fi FXs. With over 42 carefully crafted samples, you’ll have everything you need to add that extra layer of depth and emotion to your soundtracks, trailers, and film scores.


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