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Coffee – Lofi & Future Bass Sample Pack

Fusion of Lofi & Future Bass


Coffee is a Lofi & Future Bass Sample Pack. We took a different approach and created a Lofi pack that is influenced by Future Bass. The pack gives you melodies & drums inspired by the Lofi genre & a slight punch of future bass in terms of sound design. The pack contains a huge number of loops & samples with a ready-made arrangement. It consists of song starters, melodies, drums, vocal loops, FXs & more. 



Lofi music has been continuously evolving for the past couple of years. But recently, lots of artists & producers are creating fusions of Lofi with other genres such as Pop, Future Bass, Chill & so on. Thus, we decided to create a Sample Pack with our own fusion of Lofi with Future Bass. 

Coffee contains 4 Song Starters which you can hear in the Demo Tracks. The pack also contains Drum Loops, Drum One-Shots, Piano Melodies, Synth Melodies, Bass Loops, Soundscapes, Vocal Loops & FXs. It has everything you would need to create your own Lofi fusion.  All the Samples are 100% Royalty-Free.  

4 Songstarter Kits with Full Arrangement
11 Drum Loops
31 Drum One-Shots (Kick, Snare, Hats, Claps & More)
38 Melody Loops
12 Soundscapes
16 Vocal Loops
10 FXs & Textures

Songstarter Kits

Facing Writers Block? These song starter kits can strike you with instant inspiration. They come with ready-made arrangements & stems.

Melody Loops

Perfect Melody is the key to a good-sounding track.

Drum Loops

Full Drum Loops are ready to drop in your DAW. Add that Perfect Lofi Groove to your track.

Vocal Loops

Melodic Vocal Loops are a perfect complement to a good-sounding track. (Dry + Wet included)


Ambient & Lush Soundscapes adds movement & depth to your mix.


FXs are the perfect ear candy for the Lofi tracks.


All the samples are 24 bit or 32 bit wav which is supported by all the DAWs and video editing software’s. 

After ordering you will promptly receive an order confirmation via e-mail with a link to download your order. Additionally, you will be able to login to your 8bit Audio account, go to “Downloads” and find your download there.

Yes! All of our sounds & samples are 100% royalty-free. 

We are a team of professional music producers & sound designers with years of experience producing samples and presets. Thus, we exclusively use the best available resources and skill sets to design sounds without compromising quality.

You can contact us directly by sending us an email at support@8bit.com or by contact form.


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